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Welcome to H & B Welfare Foundation

H&B Welfare foundation is a social welfare nonprofit, subsidized organization of H&B Holdings (BD). Hence we would like introduce a brief about H&B Holdings (BD) & H&B Welfare foundation.


H&B Holding (BD) is a business group organization of several business units of five brothers as below:

A)     Md. Jamal Hossain

B)      Md. Manik Mia

C)      Md. Osman Goni

D)     Md. Jakir Hossain &

E)      Md. Awlad Hossain


Their Father’s name is Md. Jahirul Hoque & Mother’s name is Ms. Atar Banu. The first part or our organization name ‘H&B’ came from the last name’s first word of Mr. Hoque & Ms. Banu.

They have two sisters as below:

A)     Ms. Angura Hassan &

B)      Ms. Nazma Begum


All of these five brothers & two sisters are eagerly interested to be mindful for the backward people in the society. In our society, there are many people, who are helpless for economical, information & co-operation. The backward people are defined as below:

A)     Who need economical support to get heath & medicine service

B)      Who need some economical support to run education

C)      Islamic religious co-operation by economical means or by physical presence

D)     To help the poor people to make empowerment & employment

E)      To help the people of unmarried girls to get marry

F)      Plantation to save the environment

G)     To work for the widow woman to employ & empowerment

H)     Legal advisory, Legal aid & information support

I)         Education & Career advisory support

J)       etc


To co-operate these backward people in the society, who need the above supports - these seven brothers & sisters establish this welfare foundation, named as “H&B Welfare Foundation”. It is Established 2009.

In this regard, we also accept the donations & support that are eligible to donate & support us by providing information & advice. We are open to accept any co-operation from any person, who are intended to help up to extend of our self-motivated social works.



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